Application build problems ADuCM3029_demo_cn0414 using ADICUP3029

I am simply trying to build the ADuCM3029_demo_cn0414 in CCES, as it currently exists.  I'm new to the CCES environment, and have not modified any of the code to reflect my particular application.  I had lots of problems with unresolvable, and conflicting variables as I tried to get the thing to build.  The problem was endemic to all of the projects that were installed into the IDE.  It looked like something major was missing somewhere.

Depending on which CMSIS pack or combination of packs was installed, the unresolvable variables problem seemed to change somewhat.  I found and installed the CMSIS development pack 5.7.1 -dev0, and that seemed to fix the unresolvable variables problem.  That made me feel good, but other problems became visible, now related to the RTE.

I found one EZ article from someone who was having problems getting blink to work because of conflicting variables in the RTE file startup_ADuCM3029.c .  The ADI engineer suggested commenting out the four linker related external variables that were causing the conflict; done.  That allowed another problem to become visible, .../RTE/Device/ADuCM3029/system_ADuCM3029.c:378:31: error: 'NVIC_INTS' undeclared (first use in this function).

I don't know how to get this thing to work.  Am I going to keep exposing more problems as I go along?  What am I missing?  Do I need to rollback CCES to  Please help.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 22, 2021 7:24 PM 2 months ago in reply to

    Thanks Allan for the follow up.  Glad things are now working for you.



  • I found a new problem.  I cannot figure out how to disable semihosting.  All of the wikis and other information related to that seems to be out of date with respect to my CCES  The instructions refer to things that I cannot see or find.  I've looked everywhere.  Would you please tell me how to disable semihosting in CCES



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 25, 2021 10:13 AM 2 months ago in reply to


    This is in 2.9.1. You have to go to the project properties by right-clicking on the project.

    Then you must go to the Setting menu under the C/C++ Build dropdown and go to the Libraries option From the CrossCore GCC ARM Embedded C Linker Dropdown, just like in the picture. There, the semihosting support option has to be set to nosys.specs.

    It should be the same process as in 2.8.0.

    Please be sure to clone the project from the Github repo. If you clone it all these settings should already be in place.


  • Thanks Andrei, that worked.  As I try to learn how to use the CCES IDE and the ADICUP3029, I am running some of the simple example codes such as blinky_example, and uart_autobaud_example.  Both of these worked just fine.  I was able to (after commenting out the conflicting variables) compile, download, and run both of those examples, repeatedly and interchangeably.  In both cases the onboard debugger was enabled.  I was able to stop the debugger and run both examples in stand alone mode, without the debugger running.  All is well with these test programs. 

    I wanted to get as many simple test programs as possible to run, before I started on the more complex examples that use more hardware.  That brings me to the latest problem.  I thought that the command line interpreter example, ADuCM2039-demo_cli example program, would be easy to run.  After all, it does have it's own wiki (  Unfortunately, this one is not working for me; I am able to compile the code, but it will not download to the ADICUP3029.  It looks like the debugger is enabled, but since the code did not download, it automatically terminates.  If blinky_example was already installed, it remains installed after running the ADuCM2039-demo_cli in CCES, which should compile, download, and run the code with the debugger enabled.

    I noticed that there were some significant changes to portions of the project that are shown in github through, but the updated project code is not specifically available in github, just the notification of the changes (as I see it).  Is there an updated ADuCM2039-demo_cli that fixes the identified issues, or do I have to make those entries manually to get the project to work?


    Allan Haas

  • Hi Folks,

    I still want to get ADuCM2039-demo_cli example program to work, but in the meantime, I am also now working on ADuCM3029_demo_cn0414.  It looks like there are some patches to the project that have to be done to make it work correctly. I'm not sure how to make these patches.  Can you help me with that?

    So far, I have managed to compile, download, and run the program in its existing state.  I managed to figure out what the terminal window size should be, and am able to get the program to show the splash screen shown in, sort of.  There are some things that show up wrong.  

    This is a window that is 99x60.  Any other size displays completely incorrectly.  The first three lines look right, but the rest don't.  I was able to get the help menu to show up, but none of the commands work.


    Allan Haas