How to set the sampling rate in ADUcm3029?

How can I vary the sampling rate for the ADC i.e. I need to read 250 times at intervals of 4ms. Is it possible?

Also where can I find documents which explains about ADUcm3029?

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  • HiFormerMember,

    As you said,

    For your requirement, it is advisable to use RTC or Timers to generate timings for that 250 sps sampling rate. You can setup the RTC or Timers to generate an interrupt every 4mS then get the sampled value of the ADC in single conversion mode. While waiting for the interrupt, you may put the microcontroller into low power modes (flexi or hibernate) or you can do other tasks.

    1.Please can you provide sample code for this since I am able to put the controller in flexi mode with comparator active. 

    but I need adc input readings also not just waking up after threshold is crossed. 

    2. Also, I am unable to see the ADC results in result buffer. 

    3. How to run reading ADC analog input with a coin cell battery? I can only read with USB connection now. 



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