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How the pins(0-13 and A0-A5) are initialised for digital I/O and Analog Input?

I'm trying to program these pins for GPIO but not getting to which Ports and pins these peripheral pins(0-13 and A0-A5) are connected. Like  (ADI_GPIO_PORT1, ADI_GPIO_PIN_14) for push-button 4...!!!

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  • hi ,

    You can refer to the following list for the mapping of GPIO to arduino header pins:

    J8 header

    ADC0     - P2_03
    ADC1     - P2_04
    ADC2     - P2_05
    ADC3     - P2_06
    ADC4     - P2_07
    ADC5     - P2_08
    7   - P1_03
    8   -…

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