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ADuCM4050 SensorStrobe inputs


I need to configure RTC1 and its SensorStrobe channel to interface ADXL372,  ADXL362 or anything similar.

1)   One INT pin of the accelerometer will be used to provide measurement pulse. So it should be connected to one of the RTC1_SSn pin, is that correct?
2)    Second INT pin will be used to monitor when the MCU should read acquired data from accelerometer's FIFO. On page 21-8 of ADuCM4050 hardware manual, there is written that I can pick 3 out of 8 available GPIOs to act as SensorStrobe inputs, but there is no mention about which specific pins can I pick... 

Also in adi_rtc_config.h on lines 359-360:

* GPMUX0/1.SSxGPINySEL 3’b000 3’b001 3’b010 3’b011 3’b100 3’b101 3’b110 3’b111
* RTCSSxGPIny                       p0[12]   p2[0]   p0[9]     p0[8]    p1[13]  p1[2]    p2[7]   p2[9]

Does that mean that pins P0_12, P2_00, P0_09 etc. can be used as SensorStrobe inputs? Do I have to set their function in GPIO multiplex?

3)   Is there any example of complete SensorStrobe functionality?

Thanks & regards