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ADuCM4050 FPU Example Project

Is there a project coming with the BSP using the FPU on ADuCM4050?

  • Hi @MMA,

    At the moment, the BSP does not contain an example of using the Floating Point Unit (FPU) in ADuCM4050. But we can offer you a basic example IAR project (attached) that might help you get started. The example project performs a 256-point FFT on randomized data. Using macros in the main.c file, appropriate data type can be selected from amongst F32, Q31 or Q15 for evaluation. For using the FPU in another project, ensure the following options are set in your project settings. 

    1. Set FPU to the 'VFPv4 single precision' option (in IAR, Project Options >> General Options >> Target >> Floating Point Settings >> FPU).
    2. Add the CMSIS DSP library (in IAR, Project Options >> General Options >> Library Configuration >> CMSIS). 

           See snapshots below for IAR settings. 

    Documentation on the CMSIS DSP library and the functions available, can be found on this Keil web page: CMSIS DSP Software Library 

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