Is there a way to automatically reset the ADuCM3029 COG Board after programming it, to boot-up MCU?


I am using ADuCM3029 COG board for one of my project. I am using CCES IDE and CMIS-DAP debugger for the development and powering it from the USB cable.

After I flash the program into the COG board (manually copying .hex file into CMSIS-DAP drive), I have to manually press the 'Reset' button or remove USB cable, in order to update the firmware and boot-up MCU.

Just wanted to check if there is an automatic way of doing this? We are running some automated python test scripts to test the firmware and it needs auto reset of MCU before executing some tests. Until now, we were running them on mbed compatible boards (e.g. SDP-K1) and were using 'pyserial' module of python to read data over UART link. There is a "send_break()"  command in pyserial module, which does reset job for us. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with ADuCM3029 MCU.

So, was curious to know, if there is any known method to do auto reset of ADuCM3029 COG board once we program it, so that firmware gets updated and MCU boots-up without any manual intervention.