EVAL-adicup3029 in stand alone mode

I have my program running reasonably well on the Keil environment , so I can flash it in and run, but now I want the EVAL-adicup3029  pcb to run on its own.powered through the USB ( or external power if necessary)

After running in the development environment I disconnected the USB lead  and plugged into another PC but the program does not appear to be running on the dev board.

Are there some jumpers I have to move or something like that to get it to self boot?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 8, 2020 4:58 PM

    Hi Dave,

    Apologizes for the very long delay here.  Looks like automatic notifications for the questions in this forum were not turned on/went down awhile ago.  And if you have solved your issue please let me know.

    Typically the moment you disconnect from the from the debugger and plug the EVAL-ADICUP3029 back into the PC, the software should run standalone.

    There could be a couple things in my mind causing the issue.

    1) Make sure that semi hosting is not enabled in the software.  This will cause the application to work only when accessed through the debugger.

    2) Make sure that the program isn't expecting an input from you via some some of command line interface using UART or something.

    What other board are you using with the EVAL-ADICUP3029?  Are you using any of the software developed by ADI to get things up and running first?