MasterSlaveLoopback example failed in ADuCM4050 microcontroller

Hi team,

I'm using ADuCM4050 microcontroller in a embedded system. Using the MasterSlaveLoopback example project, when it reaches the GetBuffer function, it doesn't wake up from LowPowerState (it's flag is equal to 0).

Using my own code, I made a test function where I read a register value from a slave device and I noticed that CLK signal cycles are shorter than I spected (and CS duration too). The datasheet includes information about timming and its duration must be 24 CLK cycles, but I only can see 16 with the analyzer. The bit rate of SPI is 1MHz, lower value than the example code uses.

The data that I have to receive is a 16-bit value, and I only read from 15 to 8 bit (I mean, if register value is 0x0516, the analyzer shows 0x05 and nothing else; after that, data received don't have any sense).

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.