EVAL-ADICUP 3029 not programming

Dear analog,

We have been using a EVAL-ADICUP3029 with the CrossCore Embedded Studio and it's was working fine. Some day we tried to upload a need code when we were surprised with the following error message: "Error: command ignored for attempted access of a protected or out of memory location) Error: failed erasing sectors 0 to 20. Error: flash_erase returned -902". Then we tried reuploading a simple blink_example code and we faced the same issue. After that we were recommended to follow the guide "Unlocking a "Bricked" ADICUP3029". We were succusseful on the first tries, but it didn't solve the first problem. Now we can't even redo the Guide because we are now facing a "No autobaud response" problem. After that point we don't what else to do.

We looking forward for help.

Tiago Barros.