ADICUP3029: not recognized


I have EVAL-ADICUP3029 board. I followed all the instructions from to configure the switches and connect the board to Win10 computer via USB. The board is never recognized upon connecting to a PC (I tried two different Win10 x64 computers). S2 switch is switched to "USB" and S5 to "Wall/USB". Using Reset didn't help either. Or reconnecting the baord to USB again. Installing mBed windows serial driver from didn't help.



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  • Dear Dave,

    I am having the same problems as you installing my ADICUP3029. I do however see the DAPLINK and installed the right programmes. However, I cannot run blinky_example, since `there are no recent launches' and I do not have the correct configuration.

    Can you please explain the options that you have changed (that are not given in the manual)? And what do you mean by Flash -> Erase?

    Thanks very much in advance.