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ADuCM4050 firmware download .


I am using a custom made HW. 

My goal is to use the CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer to download my firmware  to the HW. 

The problem is that as far as i understand for using the boot kernel i have download my firmware using UART0. 

On my HW UART0 is not available, I am wondering is there a chance to download the  firmware using UART1? 

Can i make an application that mimics the boot kernel behavior but works with UART1? Would you have the code of the boot kernel available?  

Thanks a lot 


  • Hi Dani,

    ADuCM4050 Boot Kernel uses UART0 and it cannot be change.

    Can you see a DAPLINK Drive on your computer?


  • Hi Jeric


    Clear that the Boot kernel cannot be modified. 

    I have almost no experience with DAPLINK Drive. 

    When I connect the EV-COG-AD4050 development boar then the DAPLINK Drive pops up. However, when i connect my own HW no DAPLINK Drive is shown. Is it a HW or a SW issue?  

    Separately, Do you think there is a chance to modify the I am now trying to download the Cross Core Serial Flash Program such that it works with my firmware  to download a new firmware (without the boot kernel) ? 

    Thanks for your support