ADuCM4050 ADC Multi Acquire

Hi I am using the ADC_Channel_Read example project to acquire a single buffer of data from at channel 0 of the ADC using ADuCM4x50 EZ Kit. 

My goal is to acquire  the data from the ADC continuously and to get an interrupt every time a single buffer of data is ready for the application to processes. 

I able to register a CallBack function using adi_adc_RegisterCallback. However, i am receiving an interrupt only when the calibration of the ADC is done and no interrupts are generated when buffer is ready. 

Would you have a suggestion or an example project for continuous data accusation from the ADC? 


In the readme file it says "This example sets ADI_ADC_ENABLE_MULTI_ACQUIRE to 1"  how ever in the code this macro is set to 0. When i set this macro to 1 the data file that is written to the PC contains garbage. Maybe this is related to my problem? 

Thanks a lot !