how to use E_UART0_TXD AND E_UART0_TXD of the expander board with EV-COG-AD3029 board.

I was to send temperature data using ev-cog-3029 to remote coordinator using xbee modules. I'm able to generate the data on the terminal window and can view using Teraterm software but I'm unable to send to data to rx and tx pins of the xbee module. This is link of the project which I closest to what I want to build

please help how do I get signals on  E_UART0_TXD AND E_UART0_TXD of the expander board. 

The connections made:-

E_UART0_TX (ADuCM3029) to RX (xbee)

E_UART0_RX (ADuCM3029) to TX (xbee)

I have also checked the jumper heards for the UART communication .