Release version of the firmware using IAR and free code memory code

Dear all,

I'am using ADUCM3029 as an MCU with mode 0 configuration for its flash memory.

                                                                                             ro code     ro data      rw

My code current memory allocation is: Total:                    14 119        861           5 185

I have the intention to add a fat file system module to manage files on an external sdcard memory which wil add more 8000 bytes to my code.

I understand that the ADUCM3029  flash memory configuration doesn't accept more than 32kB Instruction RAM, 32kB Data RAM [Mode 0]. and according to  the map file[IAR] there are more modules added to the application adding more 12kB of ro code memory and making it impossible to add the filesystem module.

[1] = C:\..\Debug\Obj
[2] = command line
[3] = dl7M_tln.a
[4] = m7M_tl.a
[5] = rt7M_tl.a
[6] = shb_l.a

  26 998 bytes of readonly  code memory
     895 bytes of readonly  data memory
   6 973 bytes of readwrite data memory

Is there a possibility to disintegrate one of these modules to free space on the code-memory?