The current value measured at EV-COG-AD4050LZ is slightly higher

Hi all,

Would you tell me how to Measuring MCU sleep mode current.

The environment used is as follows.

Board : EV-COG-AD4050LZ
Device : ADuCM4x50
Pack : AnalogDevices.EC-COG-AD4050LZ_BSP.3.1.0
Example : rtc_alarm_example(EV-COG-AD4050LZ)

Multimeter : Agilent 34410A

The measurement environment followed the article below.

EV-COG-AD4050LZ Development Kit [Analog Devices Wiki]
-> Power Measurement on EV-COG-AD4050LZ MCU COG
-> Measuring MCU sleep mode current

The measured value is about 4.17 mA in Active mode, and about 1.2 uA in Hibernate mode.
Can you think why the current value is slightly high?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 10, 2019 1:50 AM over 1 year ago in reply to Takahiro

    Hi Takahiro,

    You can use the current example that your using right now. Please take note that with the debugger connected it will not enter in sleep mode so make sure that your operating on stand alone mode(no debugger connected), in doing this remove all printing function or you can redirect them to UART for test purpose you can visit this link for more details.