I've been working with the ADSP-BF706 Blackfin EZ-KIT-mini and the EV-COG-ADuCM4050LZ ARM Cortex M4 based development board for over a week now.
I've been interfacing these two boards via UART protocol. I was trying to debug the code on both simultaneously(although the projects associated with each of these boards are in different workspaces). Anyway, I noticed something quite strange and inconvenient while debugging. I've described the same further below.

If you see closely, the two projects in two different workspaces carry the same name, but are in fact, different projects, with completely different file composition. Please pardon the oversight error.

Moving forward, take a look at this screenshot:

This is a section of the debug perspective for the EV-COG-ADuCM4050LZ when I try to debug the binary file generated from the C code for this project. Strangely, the reset and restart buttons below the drop down menus are rendered inactive. It was extremely inconvenient to debug because if I have to restart the program in debug, I have to go through the process of running the debug steps again.

However, take a look at this screenshot:

This is a section of the debug perspective for the ADSP-BF706. I'm not surprised that this debug perspective has the reset and restart buttons enabled. What I find weird is that the workspaces for both the projects are open simultaneously as I am controlling the debugging process for each together, yet the reset/restart buttons are enabled in one but not the other.

I would like to know why I am facing this issue in the first place. And whether this is pertaining to CCES, project settings, or the boards themselves. It would be great if I can get a good workaround.

Thanks in advance.

Karthik K R
Student Intern
Analog Devices India