ADICUP3029/AD5940 I2C issues

Dear Analog (),

I am using the AD5940_BIOZ-2Wire example with the evaluation board for AD5940 (+ADICUP3029). I am attempting to write I2C commands to an external GPIO expander, but the code gets stuck. 

Initially I set up an I2C handle inside AD5940Main.c as seen below:

  /* Setup I2C */
  /* device handle */
  ADI_I2C_HANDLE i2cDevice;
  //Dont use pinmux since i2c pins are already defined in adi_i2c_v1.c
  /* check set speed API */
  if(ADI_I2C_SUCCESS == adi_i2c_Open(0, ADI_I2C_MASTER, &devMem, ADI_I2C_MEMORY_SIZE, &i2cDevice)){
    printf("I2C Open");
  if(ADI_I2C_SUCCESS == adi_i2c_SetBitRate(i2cDevice, 400)){
    printf("I2C BitRate Set");  // top-end
  if(ADI_I2C_SUCCESS == adi_i2c_SetHardwareAddress(i2cDevice, 0x20)){
    printf("I2C Addr Set");

This code completes, but when I just after attempt to write on I2C using: adi_i2c_Write(i2cDevice, (unsigned char*)&Regs->Output, 1); this function gets stuck in I2C_BlockingIO() in adi_i2c_v1.c on this line:

/* Pend for the semaphore */

I don't know where this semaphore would've been defined earlier in the code since the only place I can find where it otherwise could've been defined is in adi_i2c_Open(), also in adi_i2c_v1.c:

/* create a semaphore for buffer management */

I don't have ADI_CFG_ENABLE_RTOS_SUPPORT defined in the IAR Linker. I've tried simply out-commenting the PEND_EVENT, after which the code runs, but no data is seen on SDA or SCL.

Any suggestions on solving the issue much appreciated!



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  • I have made a bit of progress, but still having issues making it work correctly. ()

    Since the example code for the AD5940/ADICUP3029 combo does not use an adi_pinmux.c file, and for some reason instead sets up the peripherals (UART/SPI/GPIO) by setting individual bits in relevant registers explicitly in AD5940_MCUResourceInit(), and UrtCfg(), I only just realized that the same thing has to be done to enable I2C on the I2C pins. Setting this up in a pinmux file, does enable the I2C which is now active!

    #include <ADuCM3029.h>
    #define I2C0_SCL0_PORTP0_MUX  ((uint16_t) ((uint16_t) 1<<8))
    #define I2C0_SDA0_PORTP0_MUX  ((uint16_t) ((uint16_t) 1<<10))
    int32_t adi_initpinmux(void);
    int32_t adi_initpinmux(void) {
        /* Port Control MUX registers */
        return 0;

    However, this breaks the SPI and UART communication, and halts the code again! I suspect since the config data (pADI_GPIO0) for these are overwritten when I define I2C in the pinmux file. Is there an easier way to make I2C behave without writing abstract init code as that which initializes SPI/UART (in AD5940_MCUResourceInit() in ADICUP3029Port.c and UrtCfg() in main.c)?



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