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ADUCM355 Rtia

Hi. The attached program implements the following waveforms. The waveform is RE-SE expect = 1.5V at the beginning

I expect to use Aducm355 square wave voltammetry to detect the lead and cadmium content in rice. But the following problems were found during testing. Use a star network simulation of 47k ohms, or use a real load. I found here that the larger the value of LPTIARtiaSel is set. The smaller the maximum difference between RampStart and RampPeakVolt. For example, set LPTIARtiaSel = LPTIARTIA_1K. Set RampStartVolt = 1500.0f. LPTIARTIA_1K test VRE - VSE MAX = 1440mV Set LPTIARTIA_100K, VRE - VSE MAX = 500mV Set LPTIARTIA_512K test VRE - VSE MAX = 11mV But I hope that the bigger the Rtia, the better. Also hope that VRE - VSE can reach a maximum of 1.5V. The figure below is a graph of the actual load tested with 1k ohms. It can be seen that the current value is not large.