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ADuCM350 FAQ I2C serial interface

1. What bit rates are supported by the I2C interface?

>> The I2C channel can be set to operate in fast mode (400 kHz) or standard mode (100 kHz).

2. How many slaves can be addressed?

>> Supports four 7-bit device addresses in the slave  or one 10-bit address and two 7-bit addresses.

3. What features from the standard I2C spec does it support?

>> 10-bit addressing, repeated starts, Clock stretching for both master and slave, master arbitration and General call features are supported.

  • I have problem that ADUMC350 do not send acknowledgement when I address it (slaveID) in the bus.

    I use the following steps:



    adi_I2C_SlaveInit (ADI_I2C_DEVID_0,  &hDevice)

    adi_I2C_RegisterCallback(hDevice, cbHandler, hDevice)


    adi_I2C_SetBlockingMode(hDevice, false)

    adi_I2C_SlaveReceive (hDevice,slaveID,rx,MAXBYTES,false)

    while (true)    ;   //loop

    Where is mistake?

    If there is no I2C slave example available please provide steps (function names) which needs to be taken to initiate i2c as slave receiver/transmitter.

  • There is a function in i2c.c for implementing a master/slave loopback (adi_I2C_MasterSlaveLoopback). Following the flow of this function may help you.

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