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ADuCM350 FAQ Power Consumption

Q: Looking for details on current consumption for Hibernate / AFE Measurements ?

A: Please refer to AN-1282 in Design Documentation.

Q: Can I get the AFE sequencer to save power in AFE measurement mode ?

A: Yes - during AFE measurement mode, if the core is not being used it can be put into Core-Sleep mode. See Power Management chapter of UG-587 and AN-1282.

Q: Do you have details current consumption in terms of uA/MHz ?

A: Please refer to AN-1282 in Design Documentation.

Q: Do you have a break down of the current consumption of each AFE block ?


AFE Component Enabled Typical Current Consumption (mA) Time To Power Up
AFE_Initialised with ACLK On
AFE_Plus_Aldo 0.1024 2 ms to charge 0.47uF cap to 1.8V
AFE_Plus_Ref    0.3984 20 ms to charge 4.7uF cap to 1.8V
AFE_Plus_VBias   0.0623 5 ms to charge 0.47uF to 1.1V.
AFE_Plus_Adc 1.3821




                     100uS in total

AFE_Plus_TempSns 0.0063
AFE_Plus_Dac 0.2064
AFE_Plus_ExciteBuf 0.6449
AFE_Plus_InAmp 0.6507
AFE_Plus_TIA    0.1854
AFE_Plus_WaveGen 0.0065
Total Current By AFE 3.6454


Q: Do you have ever tested the current consumption of AFE block with real circuit?
When using real circuit, we can’t separate AFE block with other peripherals. Below is some test results with test conditions.


State HCLK(MHz) Current Consumption (mA) Comments
Ready 1.1 Disable peripherals, CORE_SLEEP, ACLK off
Ready 16 3.0 Disable peripherals, CORE_SLEEP, ACLK off
ACLK ON   16 4.64 Disable peripherals, CORE_SLEEP, ACLK on
ADC ON 16 6.45 Disable peripherals, CORE_SLEEP, ACLK on, start ADC conversion, ALDO and Reference are turned on, update rate is 160K (default).

Q: Do you have a breakdown of the current consumption of each of the clocks in CLKCON5 register ?



Register CLKCON5
Bit Bit Name Relative Change in Current (16MHz HCLK State)
8 CTCLKOFF 0.023 mA
7 ACLKOFF 1.608 mA
6 Reserved N/A
5 UCLKI2SOFF 0.118 mA
3 UCLKI2COFF 0.082 mA
1 UCLKSPI1OFF 0.070 mA
0 UCLKSPI0OFF 0.086 mA