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ADuCM350 FAQ Potentiostat / Amperometric

Q: I would like to use the ADuCM350 to do potentiostat type measurements ?

A: Please refer to AN-1281 and the Amperometric example code in the Software Development Kit. Details in Featured Content on ADuCM350 Engineerzone homepage.

Q: Can I put a +200mV step on sensor ? See AN-1281+ details n Featured Content on ADuCM350 Engineerzone homepage.

A: Yes. At time=0, the system is calibrated so that no voltage across sensor (both sides precisely calibrated to 1.1V).

At time=1, the DAC can output 1.3V to give a DC step across sensor of 200mV.

Q: I have changed RCAL/RTIA on my board, how do I reflect this change in the Amperometric Measurement example from the SDK?

A: Please refer to the following: