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4Wire-Isolated-Bioimpedance ADuCM350 Connections To Sensor

4-Wire-Bio-Config 3 Board

  • Used to measure a matrix of ideal R and C components.
  • Has built in USB-micro connector to measure “real world” sensors.
  • Please refer to 4-Wire Bio Config 3 Layout and Schematic in Design Documentation folder when evaluating and modifying board.

Step 1: Validate Board with Software

  • Measure 1.5K (1% accurate) resistor
    • Insert following Links:LK7,LK8,Lk9,LK10
    • Insert Links LK16, LK17, LK18, and LK19 on Position B.

Step 2: Electrode Hook Up

  • Using the “4-Wire Bio Config 3” board, insert a USB-micro cable with stripped end on the other side.
    • Rlimit resistor and Isolation capacitors will need to be maintained in signal chain to meet IEC standards.
    • Raccess will need to be removed from measurement.
  • Insert following Links: LK7,LK8,Lk9,LK10.
  • Insert following Links on Position A: LK16,LK17,Lk18,LK19.

4-Wire-Isolated Electrode Configuration

Block Diagram

Insert following Links: LK7, LK8, LK9 and LK10. 

Board Pictures