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How to get SDK + Eval-ADuCM350EBZ Working together.

Please note Steps 1 to 3 should be performed prior to physically connecting the board to the PC.

Also use Embedded Fimware FAQ as reference

Step 1.

Download and Install the latest IAR Embedded Workbench environment for Cortex-M.

Step 2.

Download and Install the latest Software Development Kit (SDK) from the ADuCM350 product page. See the "ADuCM350 Software Development Kit" link in the "ADuCM350 Design Resources" section.

The ADuCM350 documentation package and PC evaluation software can also be downloaded from this location.

Step 3.

Download the PC driver required for the USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ emulator board. The required J-Link driver software for the J-Link OB can be obtained from Segger:

For the USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ, please make sure that both the “Install USB Driver for J-LINK” and “Install USB Driver for J-LINK OB with CDC” options are selected.

Step 4.

Follow the UG-677 SDK Quickstart guide to get a simple AFE measurement working. The UG-668 Evaluation board userguide can be used as a reference also. Both of these documents can be found in the ADuCM350 documentation package.