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ADuCM350 FAQ System Integrity

Q: Is there any detail on System Integrity of device ?

A: Please refer to apps note AN-1263 in Design Documentation.

Q: How do I tell the embedded microkernel to check the integrity of flash page 0?

A: By default the embedded microkernel checks the integrity of Flash page 0. This can be bypassed by writing 0xFFFFFFFF at address 0x7FC. Please refer to <M350 security app note> for further information.

Q: How can I disable the JTAG port in my application? Can I guarantee no unauthorized access to the JTAG even before my application runs?

A: On reset, JTAG/Serial Wire access to the ADuCM350 is disabled while the embedded microkernel is running. On finishing running the kernel, JTAG/Serial Wire access is enabled and execution of user code starts. The application code can immediately disable the JTAG/Serial Wire access, however there is a short period of time when the JTAG/Serial Wire access is enabled and unauthorized third party access is technically possible.

This can be avoided by writing 0x16032010 at address 0x5FFE8. This guarantees the kernel will not enable JTAG/Serial Wire access when finishing execution, and JTAG/Serial Wire access is still disabled when the application code is executed. It is possible to enable JTAG/Serial Wire access from the application code if desired.