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ADuCM350 FAQ ADuCM350 Evaluation Kit

Q: What does the ADuCM350 Evaluation Kit contain?


  • Eval-ADUCM350EBZ motherboard. This board provides access to all of the pins on the ADuCM350. There are a number of different options for power, connectivity and IO.


  • USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ emulator board. This board serves as both an emulator and as a USB-to-UART converter. It will also power the ADuCM350 from the USB. Connects to the PC using a mini-USB cable, which is provided in the kit.


  • ADuCM350 4Wire Bio Config3 AFE daughterboard. This board provides access to the 8 AFE pins on the ADuCM350, with options for changing RCAL, RTIA, CTIA and the "unknown impedance" load configuration. This board also allows the user to measure body composition using USB-mini cable, stripped at the other end, using 4-wire techniques while targeting IEC-60601 standards.


  • ADuCM350 Breakout Board. This board facilitates access to each pin of the 120 pin connectors on the Eval-ADUCM350EBZ board; DIGITAL HEADER 1 (J6), DIGITAL HEADER 2 (J1) and CAP TOUCH (J21).