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ADUCM360/361: Memory-to-Memory DMA transfers

Are memory-to-memory DMA transfers supported on the ADuCM360, and ADuCM361?


Yes, memory-to-memory transfers are supported on ADuCM360 and ADuCM361.

Any of the dedicated DMA channels can be used for this type of transfer i.e.
there is no specific channel for memory-to-memory transfer.  In the example
below, channel 0 (SPI1TX DMA channel) is used.

1)  Flash to SRAM
•Setup the DMA base pointer
  oSource end pointer pointing to a location in Flash
  oDestination end pointer pointing to a location in SRAM
  oAutorequest DMA transfer type
•Enable DMA channel 0
•Enable uDMA
•Initiate a software request on channel 0

2)  SRAM to Flash
Before starting the transfer:
•The Flash destination page must be erase.
•The Flash write must be enabled.

The sequence described in 1) can then be used with source and destination
pointer swapped.