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ADuCM360 programming in production

We tried to use CM3WSD for production downloading (hex file via CM3WSD
application) but I don’t have physically access to the P2.2 which is used for
setting the chip in serial download mode.

A possible solution would be to have the production use the IAR IDE to download
the code via the SWDP. I’m just afraid that our production will change the code
by accident and download a changed code. It’s easier for them if they just
download a hex file which they cannot change.

Do you know if Analog Devices (or anyone else) have a desktop SW which can
download the hex file via SWDP?


IAR seems to be able to just download the out file generated by the compiler
(Project>Download>download file).
The out file should be IAR's version of a hex file. So you could just have an
empty project and just download the out file using that project so the out file
won't be modified.

Alternatively Keil uVision can download hex files.
The free version of uVision should be able to do it.

There's a paid for utility from Segger called J-Flash.

Finally for another free way it's also possible for IAR to generate a binary
file. The binary file can be programmed by j-link commander.
The commands needed are :

device aducm360
loadbin filename.bin 0