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Continuously Amperometric Measurement Example

System Setup(All settings are similar to Amperometric Measurement Example)

  • Documentation:
    • AN-1281
  • Hardware
    • Eval-ADuCM350EBZ
    • ADuCM350 Switch Mux Config
  • Software
    • AmperometricMeasurement example in IAR Embedded Workbench, attached source file is used to replace original AmperometricMeasurement.c
  • View data in Comms port

Software Configuration for generating trapezoid.

Modify the parameters as you want, please note that SLOPE1 time in second is (SLOPE1/320000). In this case, we set SLOPE to 320000 means slope time is 1s.

RCAL is 1kOhm on Switch Mux Config Board and RTIA is 5kOhm.

Measurement Results.

By default, this program will generate trapezoid waveform between AFE4 and AFE6(Mux configuration: D-AFE4, P-AFE4, N-AFE6, T-AFE6). Using oscilloscope to monitor voltage on AFE4 we got following picture. Voltage on AFE6 is 1.1V constant, so the DC_LEVEL1 is 1.1V-1.1V = 0, same as we defined.

Using PuTTY to observe UART(BaudRate: 115200bps) output and draw the curve in excel.