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How to use ADICUP360 with EmBitz

After I didn't get the functionality out of the box with the provided tool-chain - I missed to reset/restart the debugging without leaving the Debug-Mode and that I wasn't able to suspend/pause the project, I looked around for a quick solution to get this functionality with the ADICUP360 to get my project debugged.

I found EmBitz which is based on Code::Blocks (like emIDE) and was very fast able to set it up to be used with the ADICUP360.

For everyone who want to check that out as well - here below a short How-to

1. download EmBitz from - unzip and install

2. download mbed serial driver and install from -

3. download the attached - unzip to c:\openocd

4. connect the ADICUP360 to your PC and run the batch "startADICUP360OpenOCDserver.bat", allow access & close the Command Window

5. download the attached example and unzip anywhere you want

6. Start EmBitz and "Open a existing project" - select the example project "emBitz_ADuCM360_Blink.ebp"

7. Build the Project and Start Debug - the project will be loaded to Flash and stops at the entry of the main() function

The attached project has all configuration set for the given installation and can be used as base for your own projects.