cm3wsd Version 2

We've worked on a new version of the cm3wsd downloader which adds a few improvements.

Some of the improvements include:

All the settings are now available in the main window;

A cancel button was added;

Automatic scanning of COM ports so only available ports will be displayed;

An experimental autoflash feature where once all the settings are set and the start button is pressed, multiple eval boards can be flashed without interacting with the program.

This is a BETA version so bugs might still be present.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated

  •  Analog Employees 
  • Would there be any chance that command line functionality could be added to this tool (or maybe it already exists)?  It would be handy to be able to launch this from an IDE for programming during development, without having to navigate to another window to press go.



    •  Analog Employees 

    There was a comment here that seems to have disappeared.

    I examined the source code and there are command line switches, but I'm having trouble finding the documentation for it.

    I will get the person who wrote it to follow up here.

    The autoflash feature was implemented as an alternatice to command line options. the program can be started and configured and then it will perform multiple downloads without user intervention.