ADuCM362 CrossCore Debugger issue -OpenOCD/Seggar jlink needs SWD selection?

We are evaluating  an  ADuCM362 evaluation board using CrossCore 2.8 and testing applications such as Blinky fails to download using the jlink and CrossCore debugger.  The code builds without errors.   The Seggar jlink commander v6.3 finds the Seggar ADI lite jlink device and talks to the ADuCM362 processor if the device is set to use the SWD option.  I do not think the OpenOCD script in aducm36x from the new Analog DAP 1.0.3 is setting the jlink to SWD but we do not know how to do it or even if this assumption is the real problem.  We are new to this type of programming but did get a ADuCM360 board with the CMSIS DAP to work fine.  The problem appears to be communication with the ADI Lite Seggar Jlink from CrossCore/OpenOCD.  I hope somebody can tell us how to fix.

Debugger Console gives: for the RTX_Blinky, the Blinky_362 did the same- using GDB and OpenOCD [emulator] option:


Open On-Chip Debugger (Analog Devices CCES 2.8.0 OpenOCD 0.9.0-g5030ad7) 0.9.0
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
Report bugs to <>
Info : transports supported by the debug adapter: "jtag", "swd"
Info : auto-select transport "jtag"
adapter speed: 2000 kHz
adapter_nsrst_delay: 100
cortex_m reset_config vectreset
Info : J-Link Lite-ADI Rev.1 compiled Jan  7 2013 17:58:04
Info : J-Link caps 0xb97e5bbf
Info : J-Link hw version 5010000
Info : J-Link hw type J-Link Lite-ADI
Info : J-Link max mem block 24672
Info : J-Link configuration
Info : USB-Address: 0x0
Info : Kickstart power on JTAG-pin 19: 0xffffffff
Info : Vref = 3.585 TCK = 0 TDI = 0 TDO = 0 TMS = 1 SRST = 1 TRST = 1
Error: J-Link requesting to select unsupported interface (2)
Error: Selected transport mode is not supported.
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