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Full data sheet update, ucl (Universal Cryptographic library) release notes ONLY.

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX32558

Dear Sirs,

As ddm Hopt and Shuler we had signed an NDA with Maxim for to get secure microcrontroler related doc and software, the Light house family, MAX32558 in concrete. I can not get such information actually, so something was broken.

In case of old, just need an update of,

- the MAX32558 datasheet, I have the 19-100098; Rev 4. (19 pages)

- the MAX32558 errata sheet, I have the 419-100004; Rev 1. (4 pages)

- the Yumen MAX32555/MAX32558/MAX32510 Secure SOC User's Guide, I have UG28H02, Revison E, 04/27/2018 (367 pages).

Thank you for your help in advance.



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  • Thank you for your inquiry.  

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