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Cyclo-Voltammetry example project not giving expected results

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUCM355


I'm trying to match the results of output of the ADuCM355- EVAL board, using the "M355_ECSns_CycloVoltammetry" example project, to that of a conventional potentiostat done over a 3 lead ECS in Ferro/Ferri Cyanide solution. I'm using a ramp voltage of -0.3-0.6 V, steps of 10 mV and scan rate of 100 mV/s. However, when trying to apply the same parameters to the example project it seemed to "trim" out a part of the complete graph. Achieving a somewhat similar graph structure is done by applying a greater voltage range (-1-1 V) and even then the graphs aren't identical and the max current significantly exceeds the one from the potentiostat.
I would appreciate assistance in the matter.

The desired output:

the received output for original parameters:

output for extended voltage range:


original parameters: