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Cyclo-Voltammetry example project not giving expected results

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUCM355


I'm trying to match the results of output of the ADuCM355- EVAL board, using the "M355_ECSns_CycloVoltammetry" example project, to that of a conventional potentiostat done over a 3 lead ECS in Ferro/Ferri Cyanide solution. I'm using a ramp voltage of -0.3-0.6 V, steps of 10 mV and scan rate of 100 mV/s. However, when trying to apply the same parameters to the example project it seemed to "trim" out a part of the complete graph. Achieving a somewhat similar graph structure is done by applying a greater voltage range (-1-1 V) and even then the graphs aren't identical and the max current significantly exceeds the one from the potentiostat.
I would appreciate assistance in the matter.

The desired output:

the received output for original parameters:

output for extended voltage range:


original parameters:

  • Hi Eyals, we are working on something with the Cyclo voltammetry. However, we cannot read the data from sensor by using terminal program (RealTerm) can I ask what program you are using to get the char and do you need to modify any code in it to make the program work? our program tells us that it fails to read the SP and PC vector tables and there is no value that is stored in to the variable

  • Hi!
    RealTerm seems to work fine for me with no code modification, although I have encountered someone asking the same question as yours previously in the forum. I would try to look it up...

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  • Thank you. We found the solution to that problem. You can tell your friend too that using any example for Digital Die and then pass the not working code into that example and add all the library needed in. After that, it will run well. In short, the code is fine but we need to change its location.