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Example code with Cyclic voltammetry does not sent data to virtual program

Category: Software
Product Number: ADUCM355
Software Version: 9.50.1

Hello, we are testing the ADuCM355 board by using the example code. Following the manual, we made the start connection between 1kohm resisters and ran the code the M355_ECSns_Cylclovotammertry. However, after downloading and debugging the code,  the disassembly window shows no value was assigned to addresses (figures below). Furthermore, the virtual program also receives no data from the board, and the debug log tells us that "Fail to read SP and PC from vector table at 0x0". We already ran the GPIO example and successfully received data from the board with the same port and baud rate setting,  Is there any extra step that we need to make?

Thank you

P/S: For the code of the GPIO example we got the data from the board sending to the virtual program (RealTerm), however, the line "Press button S2 or S3 to start test \r\n" to show up" does not automatically show up but we need to press S1 to get that line show up.

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  • Thank you Mark,

    We tried to install Keli but when downloaded the package for the board the link led us to non exist website. So we cannot use Keli. However, we solved the IAR problem by duplicating the GPIO project and modifying the duplicate version to the Cycolic project ( the duplicated folder is located in the Digital folder), and then it worked well.