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How do I resolve “Error: Error connecting DP: cannot read IDR”?

Category: Software
Product Number: MAXREFDES106#
Software Version: MAXREFDES106 Host Firmware V1.0.0


I purchased MAXREFDES106# (Health Sensor Platform 4.0) and am following the User Guide (MAXREFDES106_HSP4.0_User_Guide_Rev0_9).

However I cannot resolve the error that occurred during the first step, “Updating the MAX32666 HOST MCU Firmware.”

I proceeded as follows according to the procedure.

1. I connected the Micro-USB to the MAXDAP-TYPE-C programmer and connected the USB end of the cable to the PC.
And I connected MAXREFDES106# to the USB-C port of the MAXDAP-TYPE-C programmer.

2. I pressed the MAXREFDES106# button for more than 5 seconds while the MAXDAP-TYPE-C Programmer, MAXREFDES106#, and PC were connected.
This will turn the blue LED on MAXREFDES106# off and then on again.

3. I confirmed that there is an openocd folder and a load_fw.bat file in the MAXREFDES106-MAX32666-Host-FW-Package-1.0.0\MRD106_Update folder.
And I placed MDR106_HOST Firmware (MRD106_HOST_1_0_0.bin) in the MRD106_Update folder.

4. I opened the command prompt in this folder.

5. I typed load_fw.bat MRD106_HOST_1_0_0.bin in the command prompt.
>> D:\wearable\MRD106_Update>load_fw.bat MRD106_HOST_1_0_0.bin

Up to this point, I followed the procedure in the User Guide and proceeded without any problems.

However, the following error occurs:

Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • I haven't been able to resolve the issue with the error.

    I gave up on “Updating the MAX32666 HOST MCU Firmware.” from “MAXREFDES106_HSP4.0_User_Guide_Rev0_9”.

    And I did "Updating the MAX32674C Algo Hub Microcontroller Coprocessor Firmware" and
    "Installing the MAXREFDES106# Health Sensor Platform PC GUI".

    Then, I was able to run MAXREFDES106Gui and then measure the ECG using MAXREFDES106.

    But I don't know if this is completely problem-free.

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