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AFEINTSRC_CUSTOMINT0 IRQ never triggers in SWV example

Product Number: AD5940
Software Version: NA

Using latest SWV source and the AFEINTSRC_CUSTOMINT0 IRQ is never firing. The code used is from this post:  RE: Could not get expected result using AD5940 with demo application provided 

I repeatedly send the ramps and measure on a timer. The ramp is built in the AppSWVInit call, but the only interrupt that fires is the AFEINTSRC_ENDSEQ flag. This means that the final call to AppSWVSeqDACCtrlGen never occurs.  I'm also not getting any ramp to show up when probing the CE,RE outputs.

What would cause the AFEINTSRC_CUSTOMINT0 to never fire?


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  • Yes. Register trigger can be done. In fact, the initialization sequence in SWV is triggered by register write: AD5940_SEQMmrTrig(AppSWVCfg.InitSeqInfo.SeqId); 

    Sequencer commands can be modified in runtime by updating the codes inside AppSWVRegModify() function.

    Timer configuration cannot be changed in runtime.

    The code uses GP0_PIN0, PIN1 and PIN2 as interrupt output, sleep indication and sampling indication respectively.

    gpio_cfg.FuncSet = GP0_INT|GP1_SLEEP|GP2_SYNC;  /* GPIO1 indicates AFE is in sleep state. GPIO2 indicates ADC is sampling. */

    You may monitor these pins on AD5940 to see the progress.

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