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ADuCM360 HardFault

Category: Software

We are Producing a device based on ADuCM360 Microcontroller. We have bought 200 PCs of ADuCM360 from China distributors and mount all of them on PCBs. After programming them I discovered that none of the boards work. after debugging I found out that ADuCM360 stuck in Hardfault exception after reset.

We have been using ADuCM360 for a long time and we haven't had any issue with them until now. Last year we purchased 100 PCs of ADuCM360 and all of them are working correctly.


I will describe the problem in detail so you can give me a hint to solve this problem.


I use j-link debugger

Keil uVision

and ADuCM360 Evaluation board


I programmed the evaluation Board with simple blinker example code.

I start debugging mode and the program execution is stopped at hardfault Handler as shown in picture below.





when I searched for caller code of hartfault the device is stopped at address @0x0001FFFC as shown below



I discovered that on the healthy ADuCM360 this block of flash is not readable by debugger (Address from @ 0x00020000 to @0x00020800). But in the faulty ADuCM360 these addresses have access to write and read.


I hope that you can help me find out the reason and solution for this problem.




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