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ADIChip.ini for ADuCM362/3 is needed

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Product Number: ADucm362/3 serial loader
Software Version: cm3wsd version 2

In previous thread,, it listed a directory to download the cm3wsd, but the link is no longer available.

Can you update me?

I am working with ADuCM362/3 to replace ADuCM360/1

I downloaded cm3wsd from, but when i try to flash it, it ran into an error:

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  • Hi,

    If you go to the folder where CM3WSD is installed you will see an ADIChip.ini file.

    Can you try to copy and paste the [ADuCM360] and [ADuCM361] sections and rename these new sections as [ADuCM362] and [ADuCM363] so it looks like the screenshot below?

    If that works, then you can modify the ROMEnd and RAMEnd to match the particular memory sizes of the silicon you are using..

    Best regards,


  • Further testing seems to indicate another problem:

    I am using CM3WSD ver 2.0, 2012

    I added the entry for ADIChip.ini as you instructed

    When I flash it, cm3wsd indicating page of 512 bytes, but the data sheet for ADuCM362 says the page size is 2K, it doesn't seem right to me

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