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"FVAL-ADICUP360 REV1.1" cannot be downloaded

Category: Hardware
Product Number: 114991707_1905 0000425
Software Version: FVAL-ADICUP360 REV1.1

help !!!




并且MDK中选择 CMSIS-DAP 也找不到设备,也无法下载。J3,J4都接上了也不行

通过 ISP命令发送0x8数据也无回应。


After my development board is plugged into the computer, an mbed drive letter will be displayed

Can't MDK download programs in this way?

After the mbed drive letter is displayed, restart it every 10 seconds, that is, disconnect and connect the drive. I feel that there is a problem with the downloader of the development board

In addition, if cmsis-dap is selected in MDK, the device cannot be found and cannot be downloaded. J3 and J4 can't be connected

There is no response to sending 0x8 data through ISP command.

Is this board I bought broken? So unlucky?

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