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Preface: ADUCM355, Custom Board, Alphasense CO-AF;CO-AE 3 Lead Electrochemical sensor, M355_CN0429 Example code.

I've noticed that the output in PPM in free air with no calibration can be 0 +- 100, and let me say that my process of calibration may not be exactly correct, the AF sensor for example calls for 55-90nA/ppm sensor sensitivity, RLOAD = 10 Ohms, RTIA = 3K Ohms, VBIAS = 0, VZERO = 1100 (Im currently looking into what this should be set to for a zero biased sensor). I typically set sensitivity to 70nA/ppm.Basically im wondering if I should be using whatever number my sensor settles at with factory settings as my raw low value, in other words making that my new zero value. If not is there a way to get a better baseline to be at true zero?