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ADuCM355 Hibernate

We are using the Eval board for the CM355 and are running into some issues with the hibernate mode, We are using the single working electrode example code with some small modifications, but the PwrCfg function is being used as is in the example but we are still seeing a current draw of roughly 4mA, this seems way off from the datasheet. Could anyone provide insight on how we can improve our results?

  • Hi,

      The supply current includes the current sourced from Potentiostat amplifier by the external cell or sensor (it can source upto 3mA),

    in addition to the current consumption for digital/analog section in different power modes.

    You may check how much current your sensor/cell is sourcing from CM355.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the response, from my understanding the AD5940_ShutDownS function in the PwrModes example turns off both the digital and analog Die as well as disabling the sensor bias. I assume this means that the Potentiostat Amplifier will no longer be able to source any current, but we are still seeing a 3-4mA current draw when in this mode, what would be the cause of this problem? or is my understanding just completely off base? Also are there anyways to turn off exclusively the analog die while keeping the digital die operational?