ADC1_DMA, UART_DMA, and UART of ADUCM362 are not interrupted


I have the following problems in the process of debugging ADUCM362

1. ADC1_DMA did not trigger interrupt

2. UART_DMA did not trigger an interrupt, and no data was received.

3. UART did not trigger interrupt

The debugging code is based on the ADUCM362 example on the FTP server. The ADC_DMA example has modified the UART to adapt to the normal operation of ADUCM360. Confirm that the code of ADUCM362 can be modified to run on ADUCM360.

These codes are run on the EVAL-ADuCM360QSPZ and EVAL-ADuCM362QSPZ development boards

The following is a screenshot of the register of ADUCM362 ADC1_DMA initialization completed and ADC1_DMA entering the main loop. After entering the main loop, ADC1_DMA did not enter the interrupt.

The UART_DMA interrupt and UART interrupt on ADUCM362 are not effective. The screenshots of UART_DMA register and UART register are attached below.