Optimize ADuCM350 for specific BioZ application; value selection and configuration questions.

I want to obtain BioZ impedance signal in the wrist and forearm so that I can see the Diastolic and Systolic peaks.

For input frequency I need to use 10kHz to be able to  see these features.

I am wondering what values I should select to like what current amplitude so that it is safe and also the other values: Rtia, Rlimit, Rgain, Rcal, Ciso, Vpeak .

Currently I have the following values but I do not get a bioz signal:

/* Excitation frequency in Hz */
#define FREQ                        (10000)//(640)

/* Peak voltage in mV */
#define VPEAK                       (599)//(599)

/* RCAL value in Ohms */
#define RCAL                        (100)//(1000)//(1800)//(110000)//

/* RTIA value in Ohms */
#define RTIA                        (10000)//(1800)//(68000)//

//=================  ADDED VENKAT BEGIN 2014/06/25==========================
/* RLIMIT value in Ohms */
#define RLIMIT                      (10000)//(47000)//
/* CISO in nF */
#define CISO                          (47)
/* RG in Ohms*/
#define RG                          (200)//(43000)//(2200)//

Thank you