How can I optimize ADuCM350 for BioZ acquisition using 10kHz?

I want to be able to read bioimpedance on my wrist and forearm to the point where I can observe the Diastolic and Systolic peaks: (red line)

I am wondering what values should I use for an input frequency of 10kHz, what current amplitude so that it is safe and also what values for Rtia, Rcal, Rlimit, Rgain and Ciso.
Normally the obtained bioz values are around 50 Ohms on the wrist.

However using the following values, I do not really get the bioz signal.

Currently I have:

/* Excitation frequency in Hz */
#define FREQ                        (10000) //(640)

/* Peak voltage in mV */
#define VPEAK                       (599) //(599)

/* RCAL value in Ohms */
#define RCAL                        (100) //(1000)//(1800)//(110000)//

/* RTIA value in Ohms */
#define RTIA                        (10000) //(1800)//(68000)//

//=================  ADDED VENKAT BEGIN 2014/06/25==========================
/* RLIMIT value in Ohms */
#define RLIMIT                      (10000) //(47000)//
/* CISO in nF */
#define CISO                          (47)
/* RG in Ohms*/
#define RG                          (200) //(43000)//(2200)//

Thank you!