What command will display conductivity data (through RS485) from Analog CN0359 - Conductivity Measurement Board

I am trying to control and obtain conductivity measurements from the CN0359 processor through the RS485 Interface. 

What I am currently able to do:

Currently, I am able to change all settings within the controller by issuing the appropriate command in MATLAB (e.g. I can successfully change the excitation frequency with the command '100 setfreq xx.x')   I also found that I am able to poll the excitation frequency with the '100 poll' command. All of these commands work well. (The commands I use come directly from the Analog wiki section (https://analog-staging.dw1.cosmocode.de/resources/eval/user-guides/circuits-from-the-lab/cn0359).)

What I need to do:

The issue I am running into is the fact that I do not have a command to poll the conductivity measurement. I presumed that I could do so by adding something to the 'poll' command, yet have not found a command that is capable of obtaining the data from the controller.  What is the command or where can I find this information?