AD5940 Ramp example noise for small cap.


I am using the EVAL_AD5940ELCZ with EVAL_ADICUP3029 for Cyclic voltammetry(Ramp example)

This circuit is intended to ensure proper operation before proceeding with the cyclic voltammetry with a solution. 

I posted a similar question before, but it was quite noisy. 

I thought direct current could not pass because the cap in the circuit was quite small.

Therefore, it was decided to speed up the step more than before.

Since the Step Voltage is at least 537uV, the Step Number is fixed and the Ramp Duration is reduced to 2.5 seconds.
As a result, the noise was reduced as shown in the following picture.

The picture on the right is the result of modifying and drawing the noise value. 

This picture looks good.

But I still have a little problem.
The results shown in the above figure are derived approximately once in four attempts.

In addition, the Step Number is 1000, and sampling data (after 2000) is measured at irregular values.

What should I do to reduce noise and irregularity?

Thank you for reading the long article.


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