ADuCM310 Download protocol

Hi team

I have question about ADuCM310 download protocol.

In the AN-1160 Cortex-M3-Based Serial Download Protocol document, Write, Reset, and Erase are normal ACK responses in the ADuCM310 bootloader command,

But only the Verify part is not working.
The first sequence, Page Unit, returns ACK (0x06) to 0x80000000 addresses.
There is no response when sending the second sequence, 4 bytes prior to the last 4 bytes, to 0x90000000.

It was developed based on AN-806 documents, and the return value works normally when applied to this sequence.

This sequence corresponds to ADuCM360/361/CRF101 in AN-1160.



The two documents explain the Verify differently. This is a description of ADuCM310 and Cortex-M3.

My customer is asking for a clear answer, although it works. Can you reply this abnormal works?