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ADuCM355 evaluation board flash locked and no longer downloading to device

Hi there, 

I have an EVAL-ADuCM355QSPZ board that I've succesfully run a number of examples, specifically the M355_Ramp example for cyclovoltammetry as per the user guide.

I then began to set up a very basic hello world program of my own setting up the project space. It builds fine but does not flsah correctly. I have since gone back to the example that was previously working and it is also no longer flashing, see errors below: 

After checking out this forum and surfing the internet I have used J-Link Commander to check that the J-TAG connection is working properly, which it is. It seems that the flash is locked. I can't unlock it with 'unlock Kinetis' and erase wont work either. 
I have also tried to debug without downloading and there is a different warning see image below: 

From what I understand this is due to locked flash.... 

Hope someone has an answer for me! 

Thanks in advance,