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Question about the connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

Hi. I am a student studying electronics engineering.

I have a question that connection between MCU(ADUCM363) and 4 MUXs(ADG1606).

I connected four 16 channel MUXs to the MCU. At this time, MCU debugging is not working.

However, when I connect less than 3 MUXs, Debugging and MCU work well.\

For reference, I upload the circuit diagram I designed.


Fig. 1 Circuit diagram of MCU(ADUCM363)  Fig. 2 Circuit diagram of MUX(ADG1606, There are 4 same MUX and sensors structures.

What is the problem? I will wait for your answer.

  • Hi,

      I couldn't read the picture.

      Have you connected as below:

    MUX1 output to AIN0,

    MUX2 output to AIN1,

    MUX3 output tp AIN2,

    MUX4 output to AIN3.

    Note that ADuCM363 has only one ADC, hence can accept only 1 input at a time in single ended mode (one of AINx inputs).

    To switch to the next MUX, ADC must be brought to idle mode and internal mux must be reconfigured, in ADC1CON register.